Your Garden

What you spend thinking and fantasizing about eventually becomes your destiny. But until it becomes your destiny, your thoughts turn into a garden. This powerful garden that becomes you. You can either have a garden of lush flowers, or a bunch of neglected weeds. When you spend time belittling yourself, or putting yourself down, instead of focusing on what makes you awesome, your garden will be a jungle of weeds. These weeds will destroy the beautiful flowers that have been sprouting.

It takes the same amount of energy and thought process to talk bad and belittle yourself, as it would to talk greatness about yourself. So why waste that energy hurting yourself, when you can use that energy to think wonderfully about yourself.

You are stronger than your worst thoughts. There is no reason to succumb to your inner dialogue. You have the power to overcome these thoughts and be truly grateful with who you are. Go forth and build your most beautiful garden.

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