Mini Absence

Hey everyone! I apologize for taking a small break, but I appreciate the love, and kind words.

On Thursday, I baby sat my niece, while my sister had an appointment. Then we got to hang out for the whole day, with my niece which is always fun. My mom got to come over at work. My boyfriend works with my sister’s boyfriend, so he got to hang out with us as well.

On Friday, I was just catching up on some sleep. I ended up having an ear infection, so I kept on waking up throughout the night. I spent the day watching TV, trying to take my mind off my ear infection. I had to make myself some of immune boosting teas.T My boyfriend and I spent the evening hanging out, and just relaxing. We watched a movie together.

We watched our shows on Saturday. it was another relaxing day. We even had take out, so we can just enjoy each other’s company even more.

I made time for reading some of my books, which is always fun.

Minus the ear infection it was fairly relaxing four days. I’m feeling a bit better.

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