Day 141 of 192

This is Tuesday’s item.

This awesome sweater was given to my sister as a Christmas present from our grandparents. It was from Christmas of 2009, because British Columbia, Canada was hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics Games the following year. For those who may not know, is I’m born and raised in Canada, so this was extremely memorable and exciting for me.

I remember I would run home from school to watch some of the games. I also remember begging my mom if I could stay up and watch the closing ceremonies since Avril Lavigne was going to sing a few of her songs. It was really fun to watch it all. It makes me a bit sad that this year’s Olympics were postponed. I feel bad for the athletes who have been training really hard to participate in these games. I hope they can all still play whenever they are rescheduled.

After my sister had outgrew this sweater, she passed it on to me. I got to wear it for a little bit. I got a lot of clothes from my sister. Which explains why I have a ton of clothes.

Although unfortunately, it no longer fits for me anymore. I have started saving and setting aside some clothes for my niece to wear when she is older. I kept this because it is apart of our history and culture. She is almost two, but she will be growing a lot.

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