October Wrap Up

I have learned a lot during this month such as big goals can become more manageable when broken into smaller goals. I already knew that, but I applied that into reading, and I was able to read more books this month. That was exciting!

Although unfortunately my ankle feels a bit strange from spraining it last month, so I didn’t get practice doing yoga as much as I had wanted to do this month. Which is okay, because I can always try it again next month.

Overall I think I had a great month. I feel a bit more healthier since I have been starting to go for more walks.

I can’t wait and see what November brings me. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “October Wrap Up

  1. Markus + Micah says:

    Congratulations on reading more and the new mindset – always makes a big difference. Sorry to hear about your ankle, too. I hope it gets better. Yoga will always be there. You can even practice without getting your ankle involved. I hope this new month is lovely for you.

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