Goodreads Mondays #2 – October 26th, 2020

This is a post about us discussing one of the books in our To Be Read List and talking about why we would like to read it.

I always wanted to read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when I first watched it during one of my Psychology classes in high school. I think that Jack Nicholson is a really good actor. One of my favourite movies of his is As Good As It Gets. More on that movie in a later post. I was planning on watching that movie again.

I have always wanted to read more of the classic books. Like one of those books that everyone has read at least once.

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

I really like this song and its reminder of that we shouldn’t take life too seriously. I enjoy listening to Taylor Swift. I feel like she has good music, and good messages.

This song she is encouraging us to not care nor focus on what our “haters” are saying about us. We should learn to not care about what people say about us, especially when they are talking bad about us.

“‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off”

-Taylor Swift, Shake it Off


Here is an inspiring quote to bring you positive vibes to help you overcome any obstacles throughout the week.

I love this quote because it is a simple reminder that no matter how broken you may be or think you are, you are simply falling into place that you need to be. If we aren’t broken, how else will the light come through us?

It is also a reminder that we often fall in love with broken things, like stained glass murals, kaleidoscopes, etc. And that we fail to realize that we love broken things. Although when we are broken, we fail to see the beauty and strength in others, and even in ourselves for that matter.

So next time that you feel like you’re broken, just remember that you are still strong, and beautiful and that you are still lovable, no matter what.

Day 126 of 193

This is Monday’s item.

This is another thing that my Grandma had given me. It’s really pretty, but unfortunately, I have a lot of things like this already. I figured it would be better in someone else’s hands than mine.

Day 125 of 193

This is Sunday’s item.

Because I was always cold all the time, my Grandparents would keep their eyes out for all of these different sweaters at garage sales, and church sales for me. It was nice, but most of the time it became overwhelming because I ended up having a lot of sweaters! And I mean a lot!

I have finally had time to go through all of my things, and found out that the majority of these sweaters no longer fit anymore. Although I am happy because I’m able to pass them back to her, so she can give them to her neighbours. It feels amazing knowing that I am helping someone.

I really appreciated my Grandma finding me all of these things for me. Between my older sister and my Grandma finding me and passing down all of these clothes, I rarely had to go shopping throughout my life. Which probably is why I became obsessed with shopping three years ago.

I feel proud of myself for being able to help others.

Day 124 of 193

This is Saturday’s item.

My mom gave this to me several years ago, I thought I might have wanted to wear it. But it was the other day that I realized I didn’t really need it anymore.

Because my mom was also at my Grandparents’ house when I gave my Grandma all of these clothes. My mom went through it as well, and discovered how much she had like this “sweater” and put it back in her closet.

Busy Weekend

I had a busy, but fun weekend. Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I got caught up with out chores, and our meal plan. We also cleaned up a little bit.

Then on Sunday we spent the day relaxing by watching football, which is always fun.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of babysitting my niece. That was a lot of fun. That was the first time her and I got to spend a lot of time together.

Then today, I cleaned up some more, and made a delicious soup in the crock pot. I’ll be posting the recipe soon.

The weekend that I spent cleaning and catching up on chores was definitely needed and beneficial to me.

Day 123 of 193

Hey everyone! I can’t believe there are only ten weeks left of 2020. That is absolutely crazy!

Today I have decided to ask my mom if she wants any of my scarves. She decided she wanted this scarf, and she had told me that most of her coats are black, she thought this scarf will compliment her coats.

I am glad that me departing my items is helping so many people.

Thankful Thursdays #17

I love writing this post because I express my gratitude for the things that I am thankful for. I hope I encourage others to write about the things you are grateful for throughout the week. If you are pressed for time, at least think about the things you are happy for. I feel like it’s really important to express your gratitude and share it with others.

Here is my list…

  1. Seeing my Grandparents for the first time since my birthday back in June (of this year). We had afternoon tea and we had dinner together. We had porkchops, with asparagus and oven roasted potatoes. It was delicious.
  2. Since I was seeing my Grandma, I was able to pass along the clothes I no longer wanted or needed. It cleared up some space in my room. That’s always a good thing.
  3. I’m grateful that all of my clothes are going to help someone. She also told me that she was going to give them to her friend’s granddaughter. That’s always nice. I’m really glad.
  4. I got a book to borrow a book from my Grandma, which is on my To Be Read List. My books are available at the library, so I’m really excited to pick them up, and start reading them.
  5. My boyfriend and I went to a store and bought more tea over the weekend.

Day 122 of 193

These are the shoes that I had worn for grade eight graduation.

I have worn them on the occasion afterwards, too. These heels were really cute. I enjoyed wearing these when I got the chance to. But now that I know how damaging heels are for our feet, I have refrain myself from wearing them. If I have to dress up, I will try to wear wedges, because they aren’t as bad as heels. Although I will make the exception of wearing heels at weddings, and my future graduation ceremonies.