Day 95 of 192

Before they decided to get rid of these plastic bottles in hotel rooms, they used to provide every room with body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Yes, they were convenient and meant that you didn’t have to haul your own stuff from your home, but at the same time it was really wasteful.

My sister went to a hotel because she went to some concert several years ago, and I forgot that she gave me this lotion. I only used once, and kept on promising me to myself that I would put on more lotion. Despite having a lot of lotion, I don’t use them as much as I tell myself, too.

I didn’t bother using this one, since I got it awhile ago, so I just threw it away.

Digital Declutter: I deleted five bookmarks on my laptop, that I no longer needed. I’ve been dedicating spending 10 minutes a day of organizing and deleting photos on my phone. Organizing them by placing them into albums. And hopefully am able to get them developed one day. Last time I checked developing photo programs at a Wal Mart wasn’t available right now. I always wanted to be able to get my photos developed with my boyfriend and build a photo album of our adventures together. I would to help my mom organize her photos as well.

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