Day 88 of 192

Hey everyone, unfortunately I was getting all caught up with my feels over the weekend, so I wasn’t able to post much then. Although I’m feeling a bit better now.

That being said, this is Friday’s item.

I received a lot of perfumes, body sprays a lot for my birthday and Christmas presents over my lifetime. It’s too overwhelming to have all of these different scents. I’m probably going to give them to my cousin, sister and friends. I have told people so many times to stop giving me perfumes.

It feels good to let go of these things. This is another one of an empty perfume bottle. I kept it because I thought it was really pretty, but now it’s just taking up too much space.

Digital Declutter: I have been deleting all of the apps that I no longer use anymore.

8 thoughts on “Day 88 of 192

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now! Sorry the weekend was rough for you 💕 I had some tough emotional moments in the middle of last week, and I’m happy to say I’m feeling more balanced now. 🥰
    Perfume bottles, empty candle holders, etc are very pretty, but I agree – they just feel like clutter after a while! I’m finding that I love to appreciate seeing and using things for a while in my life, then I’m okay to let them go. When I’ve continued to hold on to those things I don’t enjoy them like I used to. Decluttering, minimalism, and living a more simplified life are concepts I’m currently exploring and finding what works for me! 💕

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    • 3yellowdaisies says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you’re feeling better, too. 😍

      I find that the old me was keeping a lot of things that I didn’t need to keep. Like I kept A LOT of things. I’ve had so many pens, pencils, little knick knacks like that. And I ended hauling that stuff with me from place to place. Looking back at that now, I’m all like, “Why did I feel the need to bring this into my new house?”. I have learnt that when you hold on any bits of clutter, it is like a magnet that is only bring in more clutter. I feel like the whole decluttering journey, is about finding out why you held onto to these things for so long, and recognizing what is and isn’t clutter. That answer will vary from person to person. And what brings you joy and what doesn’t. When you finally have that aha moment, is when you realize that you didn’t have to carry all of these things with you, that’s when you can finally start enjoying your life, again. What you keep and hold on to, becomes something that weighs you down.

      There are many different approaches to decluttering your stuff. You can purge through all of your things in a matter of days, or you can start small by removing one item a day, and let the results give you momentum to continue.

      Though the biggest thing you can take away, is you bring with the easy stuff. First remove things that you don’t have a big attachment to you, example of this is expired medication, make up, etc. Then from there move on your books, clothes. Try to save your sentimental stuff for the last few things to declutter.

      I have no idea what kind of possessions you have, and what you wish to give away, etc. So the best thing I would suggest with my advice is, “take what you like, and leave the rest.” Is usually the best way to conclude advice/suggestions to someone.

      There is this game, where on the first day of the challenge (which is any day you start the challenge), you get rid of one item, and then two things on the second day, three times on the third day, and so on and forth.

      But what I suggest is that whenever you start something new, I would suggest starting really small, and then build up your habit with the momentum you have gained along the way. And always remember to celebrate yourself and your wins all the way.

      I hope that helps. ❤

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      • Maggie says:

        You’re welcome!
        Thank you for your encouragement and advice! 😍💛 yes, much of what I used to own reflected what I used to love, use, and enjoy. I thought because I once loved it I always would, but that wasn’t the case. I had a lot of memories connected to old things I no longer wanted to be part of my life, and donating/throwing away those things helped me to live in the present. Not the past, not the future I thought I’d have – reality.
        Yes! Clutter encourages clutter. It all piles up. What you do like gets lost in what you don’t.
        I’ve been slowly going through my things since I was a teenager. My mom’s a minimalist and she’s encouraged and helped me to let go of the things that don’t benefit me or make me happy, because we’re very similar in a lot of ways. We have different decorating styles, and what we like to own varies, but we’re very similar in sharing the desire to own what we use and feel positively about today.
        Starting with easy things to get rid of is the best way to begin decluttering, because like you said it gives you momentum to let go of things you previously thought you’d never part with!
        I‘ve done huge decluttering these past few years as I acknowledged what was making me happy and what wasn’t. I used to have a lot of guilt involved with falling out of love with things, so I’d hold on to them in the hopes of loving them again someday. That never happened. So I let them go and it was the best thing I could have done. 🥰
        I’m at the point where I’m decluttering things here and there! I’d say at this point I’m really happy with and enjoy using maybe 80% of what I own. It used to be I liked about 15% of my possessions and that was hard to live with.
        Right now I’m focusing on what I need to add to and remove from my wardrobe, and also slowly decorating my room. It’s so freeing to let go of things I’m no longer enjoying!

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      • 3yellowdaisies says:

        That’s awesome to hear! I have found that I kept a lot of things, that I thought I would have needed, sort of like just in case items. But most of the time, I haven’t needed those items. And most of those items can be replaced, if necessary, which most of the time, isn’t the case.

        And yes, I feel the same way about what you had said, too. I feel like once I got rid of things I no longer needed or used, it actually gave me the time to enjoy the things I wanted to use, wear, etc. more.

        And yes, the closet, I find I do still have a lot of clothes I want to sort and go through, I can’t wait to sort through everything.

        I really enjoyed this journey. At first I was always scared of letting go of my things, but what’s the part of holding on something that just sits there collecting dust, when there are so many people who wish they had the things I no longer use. Knowing that someone else is going to enjoy these things is really beneficial.

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      • Maggie says:

        Yeah! When enough time had passed and I never used those ‘just in case’ items, I knew there wasn’t going to be an occasion in the foreseeable future when I’d want them.
        Absolutely! I had no idea how freeing it would be to let things go. 💕
        Yeah after a little bit of decluttering at first, when it feels tedious and tiring, it ends up being exciting because you realize how freeing it is to only have the things in your life that you love! Decluttering has carried over into other areas of my life, from how I structure my daily routine, what I make time for, who I spend time with, and so much more.
        Yes it’s comforting to know while I wasn’t benefitting from something anymore, I can give someone else the opportunity to use it and enjoy it!
        It’s been awesome to slowly discover that I don’t have to live life weighed down by stuff – mentally, emotionally, or physically. I’m glad we’re both finding ways to pursue a comfortable, clutter-free life! 💖

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      • 3yellowdaisies says:

        Exactly! It is such an amazing feeling.

        Yes, ever since I started removing physical items from my life, I plan my life better. I watch less TV now, I read more books. I have more meaningful relationships. My life just feels so much better now.

        I’m proud of you and myself for wanting to make all of these changes in our lives. 🙂 ❤

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