I have always wanted to assemble something for myself by myself, and I never had the chance to do that beforehand, until last weekend.

It was actually a lot of fun! To be honest, I have only used a screwdriver a few times in my life, before. So this was an interesting experience, none the less.

The box of my bookshelf

So, I began, by removing all of the pieces first, I knew that much. At first, all of these pieces and screws were a tad overwhelming, but I knew to take it one step at a time.

The big pieces of the bookshelf.
One of the sides of the bookshelf, and the starting point.

Next, I began to read over the instructions first, and kept on referring it to ensure that everything was still good.

These are the instructions, and there is more on the back.

Luckily my boyfriend and I have a tool box for all of these projects we have been taking on as of lately. It is so much fun to assemble and build things. We had to get another bookshelf since the previous bookshelf we have was getting too filled with all of our books.

As you can see it extremely full of our many books.

This is what I was able to accomplish without asking anyone for assistance. I was quiet proud of myself since I have never done this before.

Completed the first step.

Although, I could have read the instructions better, because there’s a bottom piece that needed to be attached before both sides were screwed in. So I had to reattach one of the sides to install the bottom piece. Placing the bottom piece was the hardest part of putting this together. It was so difficult that I had to ask my boyfriend to help me with it.

My boyfriend also helped me install the back panel of the bookshelf, since you needed to use a hammer, and that’s where I drew the line. I have never used a hammer before, I think they are too scary.

Next we built the shelves, that was fun. Although I forgot I was still documenting this project, so I forgot to take photos along the way.

And now came the most fun part of it, which was to place and organize the books that I wanted to be on this shelf. I decided that we should place the books we plan on reading together on here.

I like to think we have an amazing collection of books, we have several Roald Dahl’s books, Nicholas Sparks’ books, Alice in Wonderland, Time Quinet series and several more. We reserved the first shelf for some small cherished items, such as our message in a bottle to each other, an endless knot which means our souls are forever intertwined, a giraffe that my sister-in-law brought back from their Honeymoon, and my perfume. And a sea shell from a beach my mom’s friend brought me.

On the very top, I have a present that my sister bought me for my birthday, and she placed a photo of my niece and myself in it. It even lights up, but right now I am out of batteries. It is also engraved which reads; “World’s Greatest Aunt”. I love having a candle in the room. The bouquet of flowers in the vase was the centre piece from my Grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary’s celebration, which is 18 years old. My sister also bought me this jewelry box, which is also engraved; “I love you forever xoxo”. And then I have a photo of my boyfriend at his brother’s wedding.

These are a few most cherished items I have, so I’m glad that we are able to display them properly.

9 thoughts on “Bookshelf

    • yellowdaisies3 says:

      Thank you! I have always loved reading. “The girl who grew up reading becomes the woman who writes them.” 😊

      What is stopping you from reading? I like to think it’s a great time to read, because instead of actually travelling to those places, you can read books, and your mind will take you to that place, instead. It’s like a free vacation.

      Although, I am going to be getting into the habit of going to the library again, so I can save some money instead of buying these books. Although I do really like having a nice bookshelf on display.


      • Jan Paul says:

        That seems like a good book. Online class, it takes most of my time. Yea, library is a good option for reading, just write down the title of the books that you have read and buy them later if you have the money for it. If you really want to display them.

        That’s what I am actually doing now because I mostly read ebooks and I’m planning of buying the physical to display them.

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  1. yellowdaisies3 says:

    Yeah, especially my libraries closed during the coronavirus, so I did buy some new books. My boyfriend and I always go book shopping and buy each other a new book, or two. And then I do get a few as presents. Some of these books are from my childhood.

    I haven’t really tried ebooks, nothing feels better than an actual book, perhaps that’s just me though.


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