July Preview

I can’t believe we are in July already. It’s so crazy! What can you expect from my blog in July…?

Well, I am still going to post Music Mondays, it’s where I post a positive song so we can all start the week off right.

Tea Tuesdays will still happen, since I love tea, so I don’t mind talking about it and taking pictures of my latest creations.

On Wednesdays, it’s a busy day because I post about what I am reading and I also write some cool stories and poems. I would love to post chapters of an upcoming book that is still in the very early stages. These posts are called WWW Wednesdays and Writing Wednesdays.

On Fridays I will be posting about Eckhart Tolle, he is a spiritual teacher and author. He wrote several books, like The Power of Now, which is one of the books I am currently reading.

Every day I will documenting about the item I am planning on discarding for the day.

But a new theme is called Thankful Thursdays which is where I will be talking about the things that I am grateful for. This will be launching tomorrow!

A couple of upcoming posts are going to be about goals, more writing stories, and financial goals.

Stay tuned for more!

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