This or That

My sister bought me this journal for Christmas. In the notebook it asks me all of these different questions about me and my life. I thought this was a fun way of sharing more fun tidbits about me. I would be sharing more of my answers, at a later date.

If you would like me to answer a few questions, list it in the comments below.

The objective is to pick one or the either choice. My picks are the one in bold. I would love to know your picks. Feel free to comment.

Horns or Strings

Looks or Functionality

Sequels or Prequels

Quotes or Memes

Lead or Follow

Past or Future

Save money or Save time

Curly hair or Straight hair

Shooting pool or Playing catch

Boots or Sneakers

Instruments or Vocals

Swimming or Skiing

Flannel or Wool

T-shirts or Button downs

Cup half empty or Cup half full

Trains or Planes

E-Books or Physical books

Religious or Spiritual

Jump out of bed or Wake up slowly

Well done or Rare

Tight clothing or Loose clothing

Back seat or Front seat

Museums or Historical landmarks

Daytime walks or Nighttime walks

Gym workouts or Outdoor workouts

City sidewalks or Mountain trails

Although, another fun fact about is that I have never been on an air plane before, but it was one of the choices I have picked. It is something I would love to do, well, not at this moment since the whole pandemic is happening. It is definitely one of my upcoming goals to do in the near future.

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