So earlier today, I was going to make myself a chai tea latte and start blogging. As soon as I finished washing my milk frother, my roommate had informed me that he no longer had any power in his room.

I thought of how lucky I was that I had just had enough time to finish making my latte.

Thankfully this wasn’t my first black out, since I was pretty much was alone. My boyfriend was at work, and my roommate went back to his room. The last time I was in a blackout, I was with my Grandma about four years ago. I was glad I was with her because my Grandpa was at the store, so at least my Grandma wasn’t alone. I remember her saying that during a power outage, you never open the fridge or freezer, because that’s how the food can spoil. She told me that if you keep the doors closed, your food won’t spoil.

Since it happened during the afternoon, my phone was only at 41% so I knew I had to preserve the battery life since I wasn’t sure when the power was going to be back on. I messaged my boyfriend letting him know, that he should be cautious about using his phone, just in case mine dies, before the power is restored.

I made my latte last as long as I could. I lit a candle for a bit of extra light in my room, and because my bathroom doesn’t have a window so I would eventually need some light. I placed my latte next to the candle, so it would stay hotter longer. I had my book light, that runs on battery, so I was able to read a book for a bit.

Two hours later, my boyfriend came home from work, and we ordered dinner. While we were waiting for dinner, he went to our neighbour’s house and ask him if he had any power. He had said no. But our neighbour said he looked online and knew that the power would be restore in two or so hours.

This power outage made me realize that I may not be as prepared as I thought I am. I have a lot of blankets on hand, candles, as well as water bottles. Although I only had a couple of snacks (like chocolate and cookies), and not actual food that can be made without power. I also don’t have a flashlight. So I would be adding those things to our grocery list.

This whole experience was an eye opener about how to prepare for the next one power outage. I did some research and on many websites it recommends that you unplug everything but your fridge and freezer. I only did my laptop charger and phone charger. So I should have unplugged other outlets, in case they had gotten damaged during the outage. And this is also a good way of knowing if things got damaged since you would be able to see any fray wires. It is also recommended that you wait a bit to plug everything back in.

I am so grateful for this experience because it ensures me to be more prepared for the next one.

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