Last month, my grandma gave me her mother-in-law’s pearl necklace to me. I wear them a lot.

I made soup last night so I was giving some to my grandparents. I put on my pearl necklace and shortly after I walked to my grandparents house I couldn’t feel my pearl necklace around my neck.

So I causally put my hand in between the couch cushions and look underneath the couch. And nothing was there. I messaged my boyfriend’s brother asking him if my pearl necklace was on the dresser and he told me that it wasn’t there. I began to panic since these pearls are really important to me.

After my visit with my grandparents I walked back to my boyfriend’s carefully looking on the ground for my pearls because maybe some miracle they would still be there but no, nothing.

Then, my boyfriend’s brother messaged telling me that his mama found them.

I was so grateful!

Today, I will express my appreciation to those who helped me.

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