Roast Beef with Tortillas

Earlier my boyfriend’s mama prepared this dish, I’m not sure what it is called.

First she cooks the roast beef in a pot adding spices and garlic (like cumin, paprika and such) as it’s almost done cooking as well as onions. Then she adds tomatoes and now you simmer.

Meanwhile you place oil in a bowl and add cornflower and let that sit for a minutes. You also should add oil to a frying pan so you can heat the oil before adding the tortillas. Next you roll them in a ball and let it stand for a bit.

You then shape it into a circular shape and place in that oiled frying pan. Flipping until one side turns golden brown.

Once both sides are golden brown then add more of the tortillas to the frying pan.

Once this finished you can add the meat to the tortillas. I add a bit of Parmesan cheese to mine.

This recipe is one that my boyfriend’s grandparents made my boyfriend’s mama when she was young.

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