Expressing Gratitude

Earlier today I dropped my sweater at a mall which was fairly busy. I was shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday which was last minute. I’m slowly working on that.

Anyway my boyfriend was running his errands whilst I was shopping for his present.

When I was two thirds done I realized that I dropped my absolute favourite sweater! I messaged my boyfriend and I went to my last store that I needed to go and then I met up with him. At the time he didn’t read his message because he was trying on clothes.

He saw me all sad since I was nearly in tears. I told him that I dropped my sweater. It was a sweater that he had gave me. After he purchased his clothes we retraced my steps and I asked one of the employees that works at one of the stores I went to and she handed my sweater. My face instantly lit up! I was soo happy!! I am so grateful that I was able to retrieve my sweater!

Today, I did many good deeds throughout the day and it certainly paid off. I will express my gratitude to all people that I am grateful for and return the favour.

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