Day 21

I feel really proud of myself. I have accomplished a lot of things this week. I have cleaned at my boyfriend’s house and I also cleaned my house as well. Well my house is a work in progress.

I still need to establish a better evening schedule since I haven’t been able to fall asleep early.

It is very freeing to get rid of clutter. I’m giving some pieces of jewelry to my boyfriend’s sister, my sister, my cousin and my mama.

I have been eating healthier this week. I had oatmeal, tea with cinnamon and honey which is cutting out my sugar. Combining honey and sugar is really healthy for you. I have been getting more vegetables in my diet.

Although I haven’t been getting a lot of exercise in throughout my week but I have been cleaning and walking so that’s a start.

This week’s goals that will help me complete January’s Resolutions
1. Finish organizing my room
2. Exercise more
3. Go to sleep earlier

What are your monthly resolutions?

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