Taking Control

I feel quite proud of myself of all the things I was able to accomplish!

This morning, I got a good night sleep, I made my boyfriend and I breakfast -toast with peanut butter and bananas with berry multi-grain oatmeal, followed with a cup of hot chocolate (mind you that wasn’t as healthy) so we made up by having a glass of orange juice.

Then I washed all the dishes at my boyfriend’s, I then tidied up our room. Then I wrote a note to my boyfriend like I always do when I leave after he goes to work.

My mama came and picked me up we made dinner together and I cleaned up and washed the dishes. Afterwards I went for a shower and then did a load of laundry and put it away.

I ended the day with some writing and reading. I also wrote a few (realistic) tasks that I wish to achieve tomorrow.

Today, I will believe in myself and tell myself that anything is possible. All I need to do is to take control of what I wish to do.

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