Day 14

With all of the things that has stressed me out I wasn’t able to finish all of my resolutions this week. I broke several but that’s okay, too.

First things first I have wrote a list of things that I would to accomplish before the end of the month. Most of the list is to declutter my house. I completed another nagging task so that’s good. It gave me something to check off of the list.

Going to bed early has been a really big challenge so I am going to try to go to bed early tonight. The thing that makes it difficult is that my boyfriend works afternoons. I like to socialize with him before I go to sleep.

I am half way down my room. I need to organize my memory box. This task is going to take a lot of patience because I need to declutter a lot of that.

I missed milk and sugar in my tea so instead of my milk, honey and cinnamon I went back to sugar. But on plus note I have had more vegetables. I am still getting into the habit of taking my supplements.

Next thing I need to work on is being more active and flexible. I want to do a run with my boyfriend before the year ends. If that is something that we do then we should start training as soon as possible.

I am slowly adding more reading into my daily routine.

I will continue to strive forward with my goals.


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