Asking For Help

It is okay to ask for help. It isn’t something to be ashamed of nor is it something to embarrassed from. Everyone asks for help every now and again. Asking others for help is a way of growth and it helps you grow into a wiser person. When you learn something new you can share that to someone else and it will increase everyone’s knowledge.

When I was at work I knew that everyone was stressed about the holiday so I tried my best to answer customer’s questions. Although the problem was that I am still relevantly new so I am still learning.

I had learnt that this back fired when my manager that I messed a few times thus made customers get snappy at the cashiers.

After that incident I had to put my worries behind and ask for help.

Although I am not advising you to ask people to do everything for you. I’m suggesting that you try to solve it yourself using your knowledge and resources to solve it. If you are still stick then ask someone to assist you.

Today, whenever uncertainty arises and I have tried to sort the problem out myself and still was unable to come up with a solution I will ask for ask.

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