Keep Living

“So darling, for now don’t be so hard on yourself. Know that you can laugh even in the midst of your miseries and you can cry heaps in the centre of your joys. You don’t need logical reasons to feel human so let your heart burst as and how it wants. Dance when you hear a good song playing from a car driving past and drink lots of water. It’s like giving our bodies a taste of home. Say I love you more than you think it in your mind and kiss, hug, hold hands, touch this experience of life in every way you can. Life can be difficult. Slowing down to see the small things again and doing something you love can help loads and sing as much as you can and listen to music. Let music surround you each day and remind you of life’s beauty. You’re doing so well. You really are. And even when you feel scared, do that thing anyway. We might always have fear, but we won’t always have these moments. Life is precious. Keep living.”

-S.C. Lourie

Today, I will live my life even if I have fear on my mind. I will keep on going to achieve all that I want to be.

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