Express Your Feelings

It is best to express your feelings rather than bottle them up.

I am a strong believer of this.

It is important for the other person to know exactly how you feel. Although when you feel mad at someone it is important that you say anything that can hurt someone. That is key.

You use; “I feel … when you say/do
…” sentences. There is no judgment for how you feel.

No matter what it is always good to share with others what is on your mind. If there’s a problem, they’ll help you. If something is bothering you, they’ll help you with a solution.

Today, I will openly discuss my feelings with others.

4 thoughts on “Express Your Feelings

  1. prabhatks says:

    That’s a great thing Yellow Daisy … But being complete open with your feelings might hurt others if you share something like “I don’t like the way you do this to me” … Maybe anything… !!! But it is worth sharing … It helps us to free our mind and soul and relax …
    …. So what do you want to share out in the blue … !! 🌻🙋;)


    • yellowdaisies3 says:

      Yeah I meant to include that in my post about how it is important to express your feelings with others in a nice manner that doesn’t hurt their feelings. That’s why I suggested the “I feel … when you do/say…” That is a polite way of expressing your feelings. If someone is hurting your feelings it’s best to tell them that instead of letting them get away with that kind of behaviour. They will think that what they are doing is acceptable when it isn’t for you. It’s good to express this and then work with them to find a solution that would fix the situation. It must be something that all of the people involved can agree upon.

      I hope that helps.

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