Spending Time With Family

Today I was very fortunate to spend with my Dad and his parents and my mama. It was such a great day!

First, my Dad and I went shopping and then we had lunch which was amazing!! I’m glad that he enjoyed that lunch. Then from there we went to his parents’ house and we watched Dr. Phil and Ellen. Two of my favourite talk shows. Although my absolute favourite talk show is Oprah! Anyway.

My Dad bought us pizza but he couldn’t stay but that’s okay because it gave me more time to socialize with my grandparents. Then I hung out with them for a bit. I took the bus home and I did a load of laundry. My mama was making a stew in a crock-pot and I wanted to try it.

I called my Grandma and told her that I made it home safely so she wouldn’t worry about me.

I convinced my mama to watch an episode of our favourite show even she wanted to go to bed.

Life is grand! 🙂 ❤

Today, I will make time to spend with my family. If I can’t find time to visit I will make sure at least call them.

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