How To Organize A Closet

I was first inspired by this post when my boyfriend and I were deciding what he should wear for when he was going to my grandma’s for dinner.

So we were standing by his closet when his brother walked by my boyfriend’s room and he asked us what we were doing. I said that we were discussing ways to organize a closet.

I started telling my boyfriend how I organize my closet.

On the leftest left I have my baby clothes, then blouses, dress pants, leggings, skirts, top and skirt sets, dresses, tank tops, short sleeved shirts, plaid shirts, followed by sweaters and my blazers.

Then each subcategory is then sorted by colour starting with the light colours and then finishing with the darker colours.

I feel so organized because my boyfriend and I organized his room and my room just got done the day before.

Today I will spend time organizing at least one thing.

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