One Thing – Making Resolutions

Every month I begin making resolutions that I plan to achieve for that month. I thought long and hard of what I would like to accomplish.

I worked out a morning routine that consists of stretching, mediating, eating breakfast and reading. I am striving towards being more organized. I am also working on de-cluttering my house.

I am planning on saving more money for school, my future house (several of years from now) and other things for my future.

6 thoughts on “One Thing – Making Resolutions

  1. tbSteve says:

    Inspiring! I love the idea of being a minimalist and reducing clutter in our life. I have been on a mission to declutter my life materially and electronically.

    From a material perspective, I’ve started a twice yearly spring (and fall) cleaning exercise where I get rid of things I haven’ used since the last spring cleaning.

    From an electronic perspective, having notes scattered about just adds stress to life. I decided to use an app to help with electronic decluttering:

    Best of luck, great article!

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    • yellowdaisies3 says:

      Thank you! Decluttering is something I have been trying to work on. I’ve been trying my best to conquer it. I think it’s something that you need to do at once. I have to make use of my time. But you have a good system. 🙂

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