A Broken Mug

I was at my boyfriend’s house and we always have tea. I always have my tea in the same mug. My boyfriend would even wash it for me when it was dirty. Well, mind you it wasn’t my mug, it was his mother’s but I used it because it was yellow.

This morning boyfriend walked downstairs to make us a cup of tea. I stayed in his room and then about five minutes later he walks into his room holding something in his hands.

“I have some bad news…” my boyfriend began but then later got interrupted by me asking what. I finally figured it out before he could finish his thought.

“YOU BROKE MY MUG?!” “I’m sorry, I’ll buy you and my ma a new mug.”

I marched into the kitchen to find a million of pieces shattered on the floor. It felt like my heart broke too.

Whilst he was cleaning it I had pick up a few pieces of what was left of the mug so I can add it to my Memory Box.

This taught me a lot of things that I’m working on. It shows me that I need to continue working on these things. I learnt how to let things go, forgive someone of their wrongdoings and to appreciate the small things.

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