Overcoming A Fear

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that when I went to see my dentist he told me that I have two cavities. I was so worried so I had to make sure that I made plans to see my boyfriend before my appointment. Seeing him makes me happy. 🙂

I’m such a sweetheart (or so I’ve been told – sorry, I’d rather not come across as egotistical) because I brought breakfast with me. I bought cinnamon raisin bread as well as banana chunk muffins. And no breakfast is completed without tea. I came over with three teas because I wasn’t certain which tea he would prefer to have. He picked Earl Grey with Vanilla. That is one of my favourite teas.

Anyway, after that he unfortunately had to depart to go to work. I chilled with his family for a bit. After realizing that I consumed that much sugar, I had to thoroughly brush my teeth. I have to show my dentist that I’m taking care of my tooth. Good thing his ma bought me a toothbrush whilst we were running errands a few weeks ago.

I started walking to my bus stop and I began fretting. I tried my best to calm myself down but I didn’t really.

My dentist even had to tell me to not worry. But that doesn’t work. I have a tendency to worry a lot. Alas it’s a work-in-progress.

He said something to myself whilst he was analyzing my tooth and I asked; “What?” Again, he told me to not to worry.

The drilling really hurt so I asked him if he was going to be done shortly and he said; “Almost done.” Then he proceeds with more drilling and more with the procedure and grabs more tools from a cupboard.

Me: You said you were almost done five minutes ago!

I only said that because my tooth was sore and I wanted it to be over.

Then eventually my wish became granted. My dentist told me to look in a mirror and see how white and beautiful my tooth is. Those are my dentist’s words. My dentist doesn’t know me too well because I can be vain at times.

I told my boyfriend that my dentist appointment went well and then added that my dentist thinks I’m sassy and my boyfriend said; “Probably.”

But that’s okay. I’ve had people say that they adore my sassyness and that I should embrace it.

Today, I will overcome a fear as best as I can. Even if it’s in baby steps.I will take my time and slowly but surely overcome it. There is no time limit so take as long as you need to. Baby steps will take you far.

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