What is, is.

“What is, is.

you can’t resist the moment.
whatever is happening, is happening — it just is.

don’t struggle — just breathe and go with the flow.
do something about it if you can, otherwise move on and let go.

this moment is irrefutable;
when you try to resist it — you resist reality itself,
and this is why so many people are stressed.

unfold yourself into each moment
calmly and with great ease;
respond to life and all of its challenges
from a place of mindful repose,
rather than from panic, worry, anger or distress.

when you react without composure,
you unwittingly make matters worse.

find peace beyond opposition;
serenity in the now
— found only by going beyond thought.

this is well-being.
settling into present space and time,
by simply being.”

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