Dentist Appointment

I’ve always been terrified of seeing my dentist. Well, today I had an appointment just a check-up cleaning and I was freaking out on the inside. Despite that one of my resolutions was to not worry, I still worried. I shall work on this.

My dentist told me that I have two cavities. Alas, all of sugary snacks like my s’mores before bed caught up to me and all of my candy and chocolate I’ve had recently…

One of my cavities already got drilled and it was quite painful. And now I have a month to wait for my other cavity.

I remember when my sister and I would get a cavity, well the majority of the time was more than one… But we vowed to ourselves that we would brush and floss and use mouth wash after EVERY MEAL. Well, that was fun for the day that it lasted.

Now I’ve been sitting here in despair. I haven’t even looked at my s’mores or Nutella all night. Time to start eating less sugar before bed.

Off to brush my teeth again!

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