Direction Is Essential

All day I was doubting my direction. I was meeting up with a friend today and I was at his place the day before but his neighbourhood is like this maze with a lot of loops and such.

He told me he has the alarm set for 10 so I thought that doesn’t give me much time to do everything I would like to do such as doing the stairs, shower, dishes and a load of laundry and then commute there. I eliminated doing the stairs.

Anyway I completed everything else and I still haven’t heard a message from him. Half way through the commute I debated about turning around and going back home. I decided to make this trip worthwhile and proceed to go their anyway without hearing back from him.

I eventually hear back from him. I finally arrived near his house but the block was too much of a maze for me so I sat on a rock waiting for him to show me the way… again.

I enjoyed our visit and it was all worth the hassle of getting there.

I found it on my own. I just needed to trust the direction in myself.

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