August Goals

I like to dedicate August to resetting. Two of my goals will be resetting my finances and building more structure and routine throughout my days.

I am going to reset my finances by learning not to spend much money, and by paying down my debts, and putting money aside for an emergency fund.

Another one of my goal is make sleep a priority. And one of the ways to do this is by having a routine, that way my mind and body can prepare itself for rest.

Think of a goal you would look to work on this month. And from your big goal, allow yourself to think of small ways to make this goal more manageable. Feel free to write it in the comment sections.

Weekly Quote

Here’s some more positive vibes for this week!

I know that one of my goals for August is to reset and build better habits. I hope that everyone has at least one goal to work on or towards for this month.

I also hope this quote helps everyone. Something that I have learned is if you act like everything is important, than nothing is, because every thing can’t be important at once.

Fighter – Christina Aguilera

I always loved this song a lot. It mentions how even though you are going through a challenging time, you shouldn’t totally disregard from your life, because the fights and challenges you are going through right now, is giving you strength to get by in life. We should thank the tough times we are going through. We can’t have a rainbow without a storm.

It really is a powerful song. It really has helped me be thankful for the struggles and overcome so much. She has written several empowering songs for us, so be sure to stay tuned for another Music Mondays featuring a Christina Aguilera song.

“‘Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter”

-Christina Aguilera, Fighter

Day 42 of 193

I have really enjoyed taking control of my life and being more cautious of what I want to have and bring into my life. I have always wanted to make better choices in my life, and I have finally made the action to be better.

It is all about thinking about a big goal, and making small steps towards your big goal. This is why by eliminating one item every day, can keep the momentum going to finally sort through everything once and for all.

Today’s item is this old shirt that I used to wear all the time. I have found that I kept a lot of clothes that I used to wear from 10 to 15 years ago. I have decided to get rid of most of these items.

I loved the benefits of getting rid of my physical clutter, I have decided to finally sort through my digital clutter.

Digital Clutter: I have started with my email, and I have already deleted 960 emails. I still have a bit to go, but it is an amazing start to say the less.

Day 41 of 193

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

Right now I am thinking on how I would like this week to unfold and how I can move towards accomplishing my goals.

Earlier today, I was looking at what I can donate. I came across this leggings. They still have the tag on them since I haven’t worn them yet. I feel bad because my mama had bought these as a gift. These pants just seem too wild for me. I prefer clothes that are simple. So I’m just planning on donating to someone who would appreciate this more than I do.

August Preview

This month will be about resetting, and building better habits. I will be discussing routines, how to organize and declutter your house, just to name a few.

I will be keeping everything else the same, such as Music Mondays, Tea Tuesdays, Writing Wednesdays, WWW Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays, Eckhart Tolle Fridays, and my Daily Decluttering. And now I will be releasing Financial Fridays. Which I am super thrilled to launch.

I am really excited for August because then I will be able to have more of a routine of things. I want to start exercising, practicing yoga and meditating on a daily basis instead of just doing it to relieve stress. So I will be sharing my tips with how to break old habits to make new ones. I will talk about making stronger financial decisions.

I am also planning on writing more stories, and connecting with everyone on a personal basis by commenting on people’s posts. If you have anything you want to ask me or want to reach out to me more privately, you can email me anytime at I will personally reply to your email.

Let’s reset our health and our finances together. May this be the month we all become the best versions of ourselves. And may we also come together.

Day 40 of 193

Hi everyone!

Is it really August or are you Julying me?!

Today’s item is a really cold shirt from several years ago. I used to really like it, but now it’s snug in my arms, must be from the muscles I’m getting now.

It was a really cute shirt, but it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.

July Wrap Up

I cannot believe how fast July has came and went. I am thankful for all of the things that I have learned throughout this month. I have learnt to always believe in myself, save money, and being comfortable with having less things.

I have recently quit my full time job to pursue a career in blogging. That was a huge leap of faith for me. I have never quit a job without having a steady job lined up. At the same time I felt like it was best for me to move on. I was at my last time on and off for the past three and half years now. I am so happy to no longer be there anymore. I feel like I was made to be my own boss.

I have working on a budget so we can save more money. I have a long list of goals. My boyfriend and I have been working on a budget together. It has been a lot of fun planning and discussing on ways to save more money.

In case you are new to my blog, I have been starting this new journey about decluttering and going through my things so I only have belongings that truly make me happy. I have been purging my things on and off for the past six years or so. This has been a fun journey, and I have been comfortable living and owning less things.

I am quite happy with all of the things I have learned and I can’t wait for all of the new adventures that August will bring me.

J.K. Rowling’s and Harry Potter’s Birthday

This is one of my favourite days of the year, because it is J.K. Rowling’s and Harry Potter’s birthday, and to celebrate I watch Harry Potter movies, and read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I love how different and how groundbreaking it was when Harry Potter was first published. I became obsessed it with because my aunt and uncle bought the books for my sister as a Christmas present. She let me borrow them and that was when I fell in love with Hermione Granger. I love her because I was able to relate to her the most.

I am so thrilled to have grown up with a magical series. My favourite characters are Hermione Granger, and Luna Lovegood. My favourite book and movie is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Feel free to share any of your favourite characters, quotes, movies, and books, and whatever else Harry Potter.

What I love about this quote is that Rowling is encouraging us to be adventurous and to not let fear hold us back from what we would like to achieve. This quote has gotten me through so much since I was one of those people to stay in my comfort zone and watch life pass me by. But now I have learned to be more daring with my life. Being brave, within reason, and not worrying about life is an amazing feeling. I mean reasonable adventures, not ones that will either result in you getting arrested or something that will get you killed. Mistakes are life’s best teachers. Never miss an opportunity to learn something new.

Never Lose Yourself

It’s another Eckhart Tolle Friday. It’s where I talk about a quote from Eckhart Tolle. He is a spiritual teacher and reminds us to stay in the present moment. I came across this picture in my Facebook memories from a few years ago.

What I love about this picture and quote is that it lets us know that no matter what our possessions that we own, may come and go, but who we are as a person never leaves.

Some people own things to only replace it for the “next best thing”. But the qualities that makes us remain with us. We never lose them. And if we are lost, and going through something, those hardships will help us find who we are, in case we don’t already know who we are. No matter where we are going, we always find our true selves, and never lose ourselves. Despite our hardships, we always become the person we are destined to become.